TXT’s Taehyun Is Confident Enough In His Looks To Roast His Own Dad

“He’s handsome, but…”

TXT‘s Taehyun is more than confident in his visuals and proved it during a solo live broadcast where he somehow ended up talking about his dad.

He shared how his dad thinks he’s the most handsome between them. Taehyun said he’s so confident that he says, “I have better looks.” But, Taehyun didn’t seem to agree with this.

At first, he started to admit that his dad was handsome. But, he stopped and thought about it for a moment. Then, he questioned, “Is he handsome?” before laughing.

After his laughter died down, he did eventually give his dad the win. But, not without saying he looked handsome in photos when he was younger rather than now.


Taehyun may think he’s the handsome one between the two, but his dad was the one who gave him the ability, at least partially. And, he’s more like his dad than he thinks. Listen to Taehyun poke fun at his dad here.