TXT’s Taehyun Is The Flirtiest Member Of The Group For What He Says At Fansigns

He knows exactly how to charm fans.

With five members, TXT‘s individual personalities are able to shine. And, there’s one among them that sticks out when it comes to fan service.


During a fansign, a fan told Taehyun that he had taken something from them the last time they’d met and he hadn’t returned it. He was quick to refuse.

When the fan said it had been their heart, he had the smoothest response. He promptly said that he couldn’t return it.

That wasn’t the only time he showed his skills. Another fan had told Taehyun that making eye contact with him almost made their heart fall out of their chest.

Because their heart hadn’t fallen out, Taehyun told them to make eye contact with him again.

Taehyun knows exactly what to say to melt fans’ hearts, and he doesn’t even have to try. That’s a hard competitor to beat.