TXT’s Taehyun And Hueningkai Are Part Of BTS’s ARMY And Proud Of It

Their inner fanboys couldn’t be held back.

TXT are happy to be a part of Big Hit Entertainment with their seniors BTS, and it showed in an interview with Young Hollywood.

They were asked the question that everyone has been asking of them lately: what advice has their seniors given them? Unlike all their past responses, Soobin explained that BTS had taught them a lot and Taehyun said, “They inspired us.”

This led to another question by the interviewer Tracy Behr. She asked, “So, you guys were part of the ARMY?” Taehyun’s response came at the speed of lightning. He answered, “Of course.”

Beomgyu and Hueningkai had been so surprised at how fast Taehyun responded that they laughed along with Tracy. But, Hueningkai was quick to agree, “Right.”

Regardless of whether or not they’re now part of the same company, they were truly fans first and are proud to admit it. Check out their fanboy reactions here.