TXT’s Taehyun Is The Intellectual Everyone’s Been Waiting For With His Comment On Global Warming

Who doesn’t love a woke idol?

During a live broadcast, TXT played a game called Penguin Trap where they used toy ice picks to break fake ice while keeping the penguin from falling through.


It started off normally with Taehyun knocking out the first piece of ice with the pick.

After Yeonjun broke through multiple pieces of ice, Taehyun said something extremely thoughtful, “This game is kind of sad though…it reminds me of global warming.”

Beomgyu hadn’t been ready for Taehyun’s truthful words and visibly deflated. And, he also agreed that it was sad.

Even though they were simply playing a game, Taehyun was able to relate it to the real-world issue of global warming. That’s the kind of thinking we expect from an intellectual who is aware of the world they live in and that he is.

Taehyun has proved more than once that he makes his own thoughtful decisions no matter the situation and even if he has to break Big Hit Entertainment‘s rules. Watch the intellectual jump out at 10:45.