TXT’s Taehyun Jokes They Can’t Be A Member Of Their Group If They Like This

Any member can be dropped for this one reason.

During one of TXT‘s live broadcasts, a fan asked a question that had Taehyun putting his foot down based on how the members chose to answer.


And, he wouldn’t let them say they’re a TXT member if they made the wrong choice.

Hueningkai answered the fan’s question by saying that he preferred mint to chocolate, with Yeonjun agreeing and giving him a high-five. So, Soobin made a face as he said, “Oh my god.”

But, it was Taehyun’s response that took the cake. Having had this argument one too many times, he joked, “Don’t say that you’re our member,” and laughed.

Taehyun is known for being more straightforward than the rest, and it shows with his dedication of not letting mint be associated with their group. Watch his funny response to Hueningkai at 5:47.