TXT’s Taehyun Melted His Members’ Hearts By Singing Bruno Mars And They Couldn’t Deal

It was too much for them.

TXT created “The Playlist Of Their Lives” with Teen Vogue, and each member chose two of their all-time favorite songs.


The first song Taehyun chose was Bruno Mars‘s “If I Was Your Man.” It had been recommended to him, and he became inspired by the emotion of the song and touched by its lyrics.

Then he sang his favorite line, “Do all the things I should’ve, when I was your man,” and Yeonjun immediately turned his head to listen. That’s when TXT went wild.

Soobin hid his entire face with his hand, Yeonjun smiled like a proud dad, Beomgyu burst into laughter, and Hueningkai simply clapped.

Watch TXT hilariously fall for Taehyun’s charms here along with finding out his second song choice.