TXT’s Taehyun Was Ready To Fight His Members When They Tried To Trick Him

He knew all of their game tricks and wasn’t here for them.

TXT played a game of Mystery Box with Young Hollywood, and one member thought he had it all figured out.


Taehyun reached his hand into the box and felt someone else’s. So, he asked, “Who’s hand?” as he slapped it out of the way. It was Hueningkai‘s.

Soobin got the idea to pour water into the box to throw Taehyun off. It seemed to work because he guessed, “Seafood.” But, Taehyun caught on to their tactic when more water was poured into the box.

He asked, “Who’s water?” and held his hand up as if he would slap whoever was the trickster. He’d even knocked the item out of the box to make his point and Soobin’s facial expression hilariously changed.

TXT all love to play around, and it’s not out of the ordinary for one of them to pretend to be irritated. Watch Taehyun playing along with his members.