TXT’s Taehyun Shared His Relatable AF Reason For Disliking Mint Ice Cream

A lot of people will agree with this.

TXT recently finished their showcase tour STAR in US. They were able to meet their overseas fans and connect with them through playing games.

During one of those games, Taehyun had to answer what was his favorite ice cream flavor. Yeonjun quickly yelled, “Mint chocolate.”

Soobin didn’t think it would be Yeonjun’s choice at all and shook his head while repeating, “No.”

Taehyun did indeed side with Soobin. He said, “No, never,” to the idea of mint chocolate. And he further explained why with, “It tastes like toothpaste.”

He isn’t wrong that mint ice cream and toothpaste share a similar taste, and there’s a lot of people that will agree with Taehyun’s statement. But, there’s many people who won’t. Which side are you on?