TXT’s Taehyun Shut Down Soobin’s Excuse For Why He Couldn’t Swim With The Perfect Answer

Soobin couldn’t face the truth.

While TXT were reminiscing about the previous time they had been in the United States, they remembered there had been a pool where they’d been staying.


And, this started a discussion about how much fun they had had playing in it…except for Soobin.

Hueningkai shared that they all used to push each other into the pool, but they never had the chance to push Soobin in because he wouldn’t let them.

That’s when Soobin said that he couldn’t swim and that it hadn’t stopped them from trying. But, Taehyun shed a bit more light on the situation.

Taehyun destroyed his excuse by revealing that the pool had only been 1 meter deep while Soobin stood more than 1 meter and 80 centimeters tall.

But, that fact alone didn’t stop leader Soobin from being scared at the time.

He would’ve easily been able to stand up if they’d pushed him into the water, like Taehyun had mentioned. Soobin wouldn’t risk it though, and anyone who can’t swim can relate.

But, Taehyun certainly had a cheeky response. Listen to the maknae line get to the bottom of the mystery here.