TXT’s Taehyun And Soobin Deny Beomgyu’s Visual Status, But He Wasn’t Having It

Beomgyu had a few words for them.

TXT‘s Taehyun and Soobin held a special live broadcast they titled “Visual Unit.” So, when it was coming to an end, they decided to have a special team greeting.


Since Beomgyu had been in the room, Soobin wasn’t so sure and they whispered about their plan.

After their first attempt, they did another that was clearer. They said, “One dream. This was the visual unit. Thank you.” As soon as Beomgyu heard the words, he said, “I’m also one of the visuals.”

But, they ignored him and just repeated their greeting. After hearing Beomgyu’s protests though, they corrected their greeting but not in the way he’d wanted. They instead said, “This was the visual unit and Beomgyu.”

It made all of them laugh. And, they both allowed Beomgyu to say goodbye to MOAs with a finger heart and his signature heart, although his face couldn’t be seen.

Beomgyu may not have been a part of their “visual unit” broadcast, but all the members of TXT are actually visuals.

Watch Soobin and Taehyun tease Beomgyu about it starting at 28:14.