Here Are The Supportive Words TXT’s Taehyun Has For MC Soobin

He is doing TXT proud!

TXT has been treating their fans, MOA, to regular TMI’s (Too Much Information) through their X:Time series. Taehyun was the next member to share some news-breaking stories with the fans.

One of the reports featured a photo of Soobin preparing for his role as the MC on KBS‘s Music Bank!

It has been eight months since Soobin took on the role alongside Oh My Girl’s Arin. Taehyun explained how he remembered how Soobin felt on the first day as MC.

I still remember him getting nervous on his first day as MC, but he’s been showing great progress.

— TXT’s Taehyun

Taehyun then had an in-depth look at the photo of Soobin reading over his script, saying how calm he seemed to be!

As expected, Taehyun is very supportive of his group’s leader and knows that Soobin will keep doing his very best not only as a member of TXT but as an MC.

We look forward to seeing a versatile Soobin as TXT’s leader and the MC of Music Bank.

— TXT’s Taehyun

You can watch the whole video below for some more TXT TMI from the latest X:Time episode.

Source: FI