TXT’s Taehyun Revealed A New Dance Move And You Won’t Know How To Feel

He’s usually such a cutie but…

During TXT‘s STAR in US tour stop in Los Angeles, the boys were talking to the audience when they decided to show off their dance moves.

One of them hummed the beat of a song. And Taehyun danced to it without a care in the world, showing off a move that left fans stunned.

The move was a hip thrust, which he’d ever done before. And, fans couldn’t decide whether to be excited at the glimpse of his mature side or worried that he was straying from his cute image.

One thing was certain: he’d learned the move from someone.

That someone was Yeonjun because it’s one of his signature moves during “Cat & Dog”.

It seems like Taehyun has really been learning from his hyung, but it may be safer to stick to less mature moves. Leave that to Yeonjun and Soobin. After all, just look at this cutie.