TXT’s Taehyun Wanted To Be A Wizard When He Was Little, Now Everything Makes Sense

It’s no wonder he’s so skilled.

TXT had an interview with PAPER where they revealed their respective Harry Potter Hogwarts houses. And, the reason they’d discussed it had been because of Taehyun.

They were asked what their childhood dreams had been. Taehyun’s was something that many would choose: “When I was six, I wanted to be a wizard.”

With this in mind, it suddenly makes sense why Taehyun is always performing magic tricks wherever he is. Like the disappearing photocardΒ at a fansign or when he made this card disappear right before everyone’s eyes on One Dream.TXT.

He became so flawless at magic tricks that no one can figure out how he does it, and it was all because he’d been training to reach his goal. He may not be a wizard, but he’s quite the magician.

Source: PAPER