TXT’s Yeonjun Couldn’t Decide Whether Or Not To Fight After Beomgyu Attacked His Ice Cream

He thought of all his options in that moment.

After playing games on a live broadcast, TXT went to the convenience store to treat themselves to ice cream.


Yeonjun treated his dongsaengs Beomgyu and Taehyun to whatever they wanted.

After opening their treats, Yeonjun said, “Cheers,” and Beomgyu tapped his ice cream against his.

But, Beomgyu took it to another level by attacking his ice cream not once but three times.

That’s when Yeonjun gave him a look that said he wasn’t going to accept Beomgyu’s shenanigans.

With a look that deadly, Yeonjun could’ve easily fought to defend his ice cream. But, he debated all of his options and chose not to. Watch his moral dilemma here.