TXT’s Yeonjun Feeding A Sleeping Soobin Is So Unexpected You’ll Wonder Where He Got The Idea

Maybe he just thought Soobin was hungry.

In a T:TIME clip, TXT shared what they do in their spare time. Of course, that included eating but not in the usual way.


Soobin had been asleep beside Yeonjun, and Yeonjun decided that he must’ve been hungry from all the sleeping he was doing.

As soon as Soobin woke up, he began to chew the cereal that Yeonjun had fed him. It was as if it was a usual occurrence for him.

Then, Soobin gave Yeonjun a look that said he knew exactly what he’d done. It most likely hadn’t been the first time Yeonjun had done it, or maybe it had been another member.

It’s unclear where Yeonjun got the idea, but you can watch his shenanigans here along with Soobin’s revenge.