TXT’s Yeonjun Has A Guardian Angel And It’s Someone You Wouldn’t Expect

They’ve been by his side all along.

The members of TXT are always looking out for one another, but an eagle-eyed fan noticed that there’s one particular member who’s always looking out for Yeonjun.

When Yeonjun was taking a selca, there was one person who sat nearby and simply watched him. It seemed they were merely interested in what Yeonjun was doing.

This same person hid behind a tree as he watched Yeonjun burn off his energy by dancing. That someone was none other than fellow member Taehyun.

Taehyun is known for being caring toward TXT and also having a playful side, so watching over Yeonjun isn’t out of the ordinary.

After all, it’s because he cares and maybe because it’s a little fun. Sometimes it’s hard to understand Taehyun, but that’s part of his allure.