TXT’s Yeonjun Hilariously Puts Staff Members’ Editing Skills to the Test

Yeonjun’s making sure the staff’s blurring skills are sharp!

In the latest TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER episode, TXT‘s Yeonjun tests the content editors’ blurring skills!

After waking up and heading outside, Yeonjun greeted the staff and asked what the members were doing today.

While asking what the TXT members would be doing later, Yeonjun playfully ran around the staff.

The captions revealed that Yeonjun always goes around the staff members while filming to develop their blurring skills.

As Yeonjun ran around the staff, he says “Blur, blur.”

Of course, the editor is a total pro, and they were able to successfully blur out all of the staff’s faces.

Check out the full TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER episode below!