TXT’s Yeonjun Learns His Lesson About Stealing Soobin’s Food

In that moment, Yeonjun thought about his life choices.

In one of TXT‘s T:TIME clips, they shared a moment of enjoying hot dogs during the time they were at iHeartRadio‘s Wango Tango.


And, Yeonjun learned a hilariously valuable lesson about stealing food, especially Soobin‘s.

After seeing Yeonjun chowing down, Soobin decided to grab his own hot dog and was impressed by how tasty it looked, going back and forth between opening and closing the box.

The last time he opened it and held it that way, Yeonjun reached his fork into it and snatched up Soobin’s jalapeno, quickly stuffing it into his mouth.

Although Yeonjun got what he wanted, it wasn’t as tasty as he expected. The heat of the pepper affected him almost instantly, making him cough.

The pepper had been so strong that he swiftly reached for the door of their trailer and was ready to run inside for something to soothe his taste buds.

Although Soobin didn’t seem to mind that he was out of a pepper, Yeonjun may think twice about snatching up another one. Watch the funny moment here.