TXT’s Yeonjun Was Ready To Throw Hands At Soobin

He wanted to turn the camera off so he could handle it.

TXT held a live broadcast to check in with fans to let them know they were doing well. And, one of the things they discussed had Yeonjun ready to fight Soobin.


Soobin started by saying they couldn’t forget anything when it comes to singing and dancing but script lines were easy to forget.

So, he suddenly remembered there was someone who forgot his lines. To show who it was, he looked up at Yeonjun, looked away, and then looked back at him. This made Yeonjun slowly turn toward him.

When Soobin explained that it was simply something that could happen, Yeonjun was already mad and moved to bite into his head. But, Soobin had turned around again.

To take things further, Soobin also pointed out that Yeonjun has forgotten choreography as well. That was the last straw for Yeonjun because he reached for the camera and said, “Hold on. Can you turn this off?”

TXT have been together long enough that they know how to get under each others’ skin. Watch Soobin hilariously call out Yeonjun and make him ready to turn the camera off at 35 seconds in.


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