TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals That He Danced To A BTS Song For His Big Hit Audition

He made a fantastic first impression.

Yeonjun must be overjoyed to debut in the same company as BTS because he was already a fan before he auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment.

In an interview with Section TV, host Lee Sang Min asked TXT for audition secrets. Yeonjun made a surprising revelation.

He revealed that during his auditions for Big Hit Entertainment, he danced to one of BTS’s songs. Not a bad first impression to make!

The song was of course, “Boy In Luv”, and we’re confident Yeonjun killed it based on the dance he showed on the broadcast. He immediately began to channel V himself.

Lee Sang Min and Yeonjun’s fellow TXT members were blown away by his sharp dancing skills.

It’s easy to see why Big Hit immediately snapped up Yeonjun to be their trainee. You can watch the whole interview below: