Tyler Oakley Sets The Record Straight For Haters Who Still Think BLACKPINK’s Coachella Stage Was Overhyped

BLACKPINK did what needed to be done at Coachella, and that’s a fact.

In April BLACKPINK made history with an unforgettable Coachella performance. Just in case there was anyone out there who still doubts the sheer power their stage held YouTuber Tyler Oakley, who was in attendance, set the record straight once again in a new YouTube video.

When I saw BLACKPINK at Coachella I have not ever seen a crowd go this bonkers for ANY artist at ANY festival. The BLACKPINK fans were wild.

Before the first weekend of Coachella, fans and antis alike were unsure about the size of crowd BLACKPINK could draw due to them being a foreign act in America. And after Coachella, fans all over the internet were asking attendees just how big the crowd really was.

Doubts were immediately refuted when fancams surfaced online & the world could see just how many people showed up and showed out for BLACKPINK. The screams in the fancam below are proof enough that Coachella-goers were stoked for BLACKPINK.

Tyler Oakley’s description of the crowd was spot on, and BLACKPINK’s international popularity was proven 10-fold by their record-breaking In Your Area world tour that just wrapped up after a 3-day encore in Thailand.

Watch Tyler Oakley’s entire K-Pop reaction video below: