Here’s The Type Of Father BTS’s Suga Wants To Be For His Children

Suga wants to be a bit different from his own father.

It’s no secret that the BTS members have a soft spot for children, as there have been plenty of moments when the members were joyous due to children.

When BTS guested on MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, Suga was asked what kind of father he wants to be for his children, and he gave a heartwarming answer.

Suga shared that he wants to be a father that’s like a friend, someone who his children can easily bond with.

Suga then revealed that his father was quite strict during his childhood and that he never really took him out to play that much.

While Suga’s father has loosened up a bit now, he wasn’t that way at the beginning of Suga’s life. Due to this, Suga wants to be like a friend to his children from the moment they’re born.

Suga also wants to go on vacation alongside his children and create memories with them.

Not only that, but Suga also plans on buying his children some nice clothes so that they look good.

Here’s the full video below!