It’s Hard To Believe But TWICE Tzuyu Has Actually Gotten More Beautiful Since Debut

Something seems different about the lovely Tzuyu…

Fans are noticing that these days TWICE‘s Tzuyu has a more mature air about her than when the group debuted.

The Tzuyu of 2018 is very different to the Tzuyu of 2015.


While she’s obviously changed her hair and had different styles throughout the years, fans think the transformation goes beyond looks.

Tzuyu in 2016.


They’ve noticed how much more confident she seems…

She participated in 2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships last month and was super confident in front of the crowd, in comparison to her appearance on Immortal Songs in 2016.


… and that her voice has improved.


And that she has gotten prettier and brighter overall.

She has calmed down a lot while in front of the camera in comparison to her nervousness during Sixteen.


Netizens are speculating whether her visual improvement is a natural thing – she’s getting prettier because she’s grown out of her baby face, now 20 years old – or whether it has to do with her newfound confidence on the stage.


Whatever the reason, everyone agrees Tzuyu is only going to get even prettier and more amazing!