Tzuyu and Jihyo are the most adorable maknae/leader pair due to their heights

Fans are in love with the adorable height difference between TWICE‘s Jihyo and Tzuyu and when you see these photos of the two, you will be too.

The height difference between the leader and maknae of TWICE is easily noticeable. While Jihyo stands at only 160 cm (5’3), Tzuyu is quite a bit taller than her at 170 cm (5’7), making the height difference between them extremely cute.

Jihyo’s short stature doesn’t stop her from being a great leader.

Jihyo has to look up at Tzuyu.

10cm might not seem like a lot, but it’s easy to see the difference in Jihyo and Tzuyu’s heights when they’re next to each other.

Fans find the height difference especially cute because of how motherly Jihyo acts towards Tzuyu, and it’s extremely adorable when Tzuyu has to crouch down so Jihyo can reach her for a kiss on the cheek!

Jihyo loves kissing Tzuyu on the cheek!

Jihyo and Tzuyu’s sweet mother-daughter relationship is adored by fans, and their height difference just adds to how cute they are with each other. Even when they’re sitting down, it’s clear that Tzuyu is taller than her leader!

Who would’ve thought height difference would make a pair THIS adorable?