She’s Only 19, But Tzuyu Has Already Found The Love Of Her Life

No one can win Tzuyu’s heart now.

TWICE‘s Tawainese princess is only 19 years old, but she’s already living out a fairytale with her perfect Prince Charming.


No man on earth can compete with Gucci, an adorable Pomeranian with impeccable style and the sweetest face you’ve ever seen!


When Tzuyu met Gucci, it was love at first sight. Tzuyu’s furry soulmate has been by her side since her pre-debut days and has celebrated all of TWICE’s successes with her.


Tzuyu named Gucci after the high-end clothing brand, and it’s easy to see why.


This fluffy Gucci is fashionable…


…and totally unique!


These BFFs love to shower each other with kisses…


…and cuddles too!


Tzuyu loves her puppy-dog so much that she even designed this hat with his face on it. Now she can bring Gucci with her wherever she goes!


This loving pair is happy to spend every waking…


…and sleeping…


…moment together.


Unfortunately, Tzuyu can’t travel with Gucci, but she has recently sent him this sweet video letter.


It’s clear that Tzuyu really misses her pooch. She became emotional while waving goodbye to Gucci at the end of the video.


If Tzuyu wasn’t a globe-trotting celeb, she would probably be with Gucci 24/7. One time, Tzuyu couldn’t hide her excitement when she thought Gucci might be brought on set…


…and even the slightest reminder of him, like this plush, fills her heart with joy.


Tzuyu gently cuddled the toy just like she would cuddle the real Gucci!


Fans adore Tzuyu and Gucci’s relationship…


…and hope Tzuyu will share many more happy years with her true love!