This Small Detail You Never Noticed Is Why Tzuyu Looks Different Every Comeback

The change is very subtle and not a lot may have noticed it until now.


However, these fans noticed that Tzuyu made little changes in one particular area of her face throughout every comeback…

And it wasn’t her hairstyle, color, or even TWICE’s concept changes, but it was her EYEBROWS!

Tzuyu made her debut with an innocent look and appeared to have brown, shorter and straight eyebrows. 

As her activities continued, she maintained her eyebrow shape straight but opted for a longer one in length. Obvious during TWICE’s “Cheer Up” promotions. 

By the time “TT” and “Knock Knock” came, it gradually turned thicker and darker. The change was very noticeable at this point! 

Tzuyu then returned to a simpler style, straight and dark, whilst promoting “Signal.” 

However, recent photos of the young singer revealed that she and her stylist may have opted for a more dark, almost tattooed style. 

Noticed the difference now? Quite a subtle impact on one’s everyday style, right? 

Source: TheQoo