Tzuyu And Sana Both Changed The Same One Thing About Their Look And ONCEs Are Floored

ONCEs are gasping for breath because of this one small change.

Tzuyu and Sana are constantly praised for their visuals by ONCEs and other fanbases alike. The girls have always looked stunning but a recent change has left ONCEs feeling attacked.

Tzuyu recently graduated from high school along with fellow TWICE member Chaeyoung. One subtle change in Tzuyu’s look caught everyone’s attention during their press pictures.

It made her look even better in her cooking stream where she and her fellow TWICE members enjoyed themselves immensely.

And it even improved her already stellar selfie skills as she posted this Instagram update where her visuals are off the chart.

Likewise for Sana who made the same change to her own look which has ONCEs going crazy. Sana debuted this look at TWICE’s “RememVer party” which celebrated their time streaming on VLIVE.

She’s ascended to another level of “visual goddess” in her selfies because of this change.

Have you noticed the difference yet? Both Tzuyu and Sana have changed their hair colours to a shade of orange and it works so ridiculously well for both of them. ONCEs everywhere are loving this new look and one clip, in particular, has everyone praising the duo as two of the best visuals in K-Pop right now. In a promo for an upcoming show, Star Road, Sana and Tzuyu floored ONCEs everywhere.