Tzuyu voted as girl group member with the best back

On a popular MBC variety show, Tzuyu was mentioned and voted as the female idol with the most beautiful back.

Known for her excellent posture and tall figure, TWICE‘s Tzuyu has earned the title as the “Idol with the best back” on MBCSection TV Segment titled Reporters of Round Table. When discussing the idol with the best looking back, AOA‘s Seolhyun was also mentioned. Tzuyu’s constant straight body has allowed fans to only see her with perfect posture, which emphasizes her beautiful back.

Her straight posture is super impressive.
Everyone is envious of her posture.
Even when dancing, Tzuyu has perfect posture!
You’ll never see her slouching!
Her amazing posture and straight back allows her abs to be more prominent.

Check out the clip in which Tzuyu was mentioned for her lovely features.