Tzuyu’s #1 Fangirl Is A Legendary Girl Group Member

Tzuyu even has musical legends fangirling hard!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu has a huge fan in Brown Eyed Girls‘s leader JeA!


Tzuyu and Chaeyoung were guests on Celuv TV, which JeA hosts. The three women were very comfortable with each other as they answered fans questions and JeA gave advice and experience through her own stories.


Throughout the entire program, JeA continued to exclaim how cute Tzuyu was – but there was one moment where she couldn’t contain her love for the girl!

The maknaes were tasked with creating words from a few sounds, and when Tzuyu answered in her hesitant way, JeA exploded in laughter saying “so cute!”


Fans can’t get over how much of a fangirl the accomplished singer and songwriter is, teasing the fact that Tzuyu just had to breathe and JeA fangirled hard!


JeA herself even reposted the clip of herself laughing at Tzuyu with the caption “really cute Tzuyu!”


Fans are calling her cute in response and thanking JeA for making the TWICE members so comfortable.

“JeA unnie is cute too!”


We don’t blame JeA for fangirling hard when faced with real-life adorable Tzuyu!