One Thing About Tzuyu’s Face Has Changed Since Debut And It’s Changed Her Look Drastically

There is one part of  Tsuyu’s face that completely changed since her debut, and it has turned her looks 180 degrees.


Before debut, Tsuyu had rather a natural eyebrows with an arch.


Her eyebrows were dark and much longer than her eyes.


When Tsuyu appeared in Sixteen, she still maintained her long attractive eyebrows.


However, after debut, JYP began styling her eyebrows in a completely different shape.


Her eyebrows became much shorter, lighter and straight.


And it changed her image into a much younger, innocent look rather than a strong bold look.


It may be the case that she changed the shape of her eyebrows to fit the image that Koreans love.


Netizens are amazed by the change that an eyebrow made to Tsuyu’s overall image, and her constant beauty.