Tzuyu’s SNL Appearance Turned Into Viral and Relatable Meme

One short moment on SNL 8‘s episode starring TWICE caught fans’ attention and it has now spawned a viral and incredibly relatable meme.

TWICE made a special appearance on SNL 8, but it was Tzuyu who ended up stealing the show in a hysterical sketch that briefly followed the story of two bodyguards attempting to keep their charge secure. One of the guards suspects the maid (played by Tzuyu) of being the spy but falls for her looks and fails to properly interrogate her.

At one point during the sketch, Tzuyu is eating a large bun when it gets taken away from her and she makes the most adorable pouting face. This seems to have resonated with fans as this scene was used to create a hilarious meme that has been viewed over 4.5 million times!.

What kind of friend is that, indeed!

Watch the hilarious sketch (with English subtitles) that spawned the viral meme below: