U-KISS’ Eli discusses life as a young husband and father

On August 25th, Eli of the boy group U-KISS spoke about the love and emotional attachment he feels for his wife and son during the SBS‘s variety show, Jagiya

It was just last year when U-KISS member announced his marriage. Back then, the announcement brought up a lot of attention towards the couple especially after it was revealed she was 11 years older than him. He, on the other hand, is 25 years old.

Throughout the broadcast, Eli talked about the love story between him and his wife, revealing a photo of his son, who was welcomed into the world just over 75 days ago, for the very first time. Eli openly explained how he first met her at an automobile club and followed her around for a whole year before he finally decided to confess to her and start dating.

I first met her at an automobile club that I was a part of and followed her around for a whole year. She used to be a model and looked a lot younger than her real age, but age is just a number to me.

By revealing his whole marriage story in such a refreshing and dignified way to the viewers, the couple already seems to have earned the hearts of a lot of “married” fans of both men and women who enjoyed his honesty and sincerity when talking about his personal life and how it isn’t easy for an idol star to have made the decision to get married and start a family.

Eli’s appearance on this episode of Jagiya only proved how happy he was to share with the viewers how he feels about his family, and as the show moved forward, he talked in a more comfortable and natural way regarding ordinary life thoughts about him and his wife, gaining the trust and respect of the audiences.

My wife uses a case of moisturizing cream per week. I also think I’m a clueless husband when it comes between my wife and parents. I hate the hot weather and warm temperatures while my wife hates being cold.

Eli is also expected to make an appearance on the upcoming broadcast of MBC Video Star on the 30th where he will also talk about the joys of being a father.

Source: Herald Corp