U-KISS Eli’s Wife Confesses She’s Actually Another Male Celebrity’s Fan

She made everyone laugh with her whole confession.

Ji Yeon-soo, the wife of U-KISS‘s Eli, confessed her fan feelings for another Korean celebrity!

Recently, Ji Yeon-soo opened up about being Eli’s wife on a Channel A program. “I fought a lot with my husband about appearing on the show. The person I love is a celebrity, but I didn’t want to be known to him. I didn’t like that my childbirth was a hot topic for a long time.

Untouchable‘s Sleepy and Lady Jane asked: “Who is that person?” And Ji Yeon-soo replied, “Gang Dong-won.” She added, “I loved him as a fan at the time, but I didn’t like the idea of appearing on a show like this and discuss the topics of marriage and childbirth.

When asked, “What did Eli say after hearing that?” Ji Yeon-soo said, “I spoke so quickly that he couldn’t hear me well,” inviting laughter from everyone else.

Ji Yeon-soo’s story is pretty funny, and we imagine it’s relatable to many people. Even though you love your partner, sometimes you can’t help but have a crush on a celebrity.

Are you in a committed relationship but have a crush on a celebrity? If yes, who is your celebrity crush?

Source: kstyle