U-KISS Eli’s Wife reveals the sacrifice she made for her husband

The latest episode of Mr. House Husband found Eli and his wife house hunting, but it was his wife’s revelation of a sacrifice she had once made for him that stole the show.

On March 8, KBS featured Eli and his wife looking for their new place on Mr. House Husband. The episode briefly featured the couple’s frustration at having to find suitable accommodations before the lease from their previous home was up.

Eli stated that he wanted a safe place with a spacious living room. His wife, on the other hand, shared her dream of an estate with a bathtub and windowless bathroom for the baby. The couple was disappointed by the reality of having to move further from Seoul due to rising real estate prices and the staggering amount needed for a deposit.

Their predicament might have been disappointing, but Eli’s wife was quick to lighten the mood a bit by recalling a time when a sacrifice had been made so that they could get what they wanted.

“I sold ten bags that I had treasured to buy a foreign car that you wanted in the past, remember? I cried so much after that.”

— Eli’s wife

Eli and his wife continued to share their journey as a married couple on the full episode of Mr. House Husband.

Source: DongA