U-KISS’s Eli married his wife behind his parents’ backs

Eli revealed that he did not tell his parents about his marriage until after it happened.

On the March 14 broadcast of Mr. House Husband, which follows various celebrities in their homes, U-KISS‘s Eli brought his wife and his son to his home in the United States. This was the first time Eli was able to visit home in 10 years due to his dream of becoming a celebrity in Asia.

Eli’s parents revealed how he was a child, explaining how Eli loved taekwondo and won many medals during his youth. They also joked that they wanted to see their grandchild (Eli’s son) more than Eli himself.

There is an entire shelf full of Eli’s Taekwondo medals at the family’s home.

While having a barbecue in the family’s backyard, Eli talked about his family and his marriage.

“It’s been more than 10 years since we have been able to eat together as a full family. There are still 3 more family members who aren’t here. I also did not tell my parents about my marriage. They would have been very sad if they knew about us registering our marriage.”

— Eli

Eli’s father echoed these thoughts, explaining how he even thought he’d never see his son again.

“I was very sad. I haven’t able to see my son for many years. I didn’t know who his wife was so it felt like the sky was crashing down on us when he told us about the marriage. While Eli was in Japan, he told me that he loved Yeon Soo (his wife) and that’s when I had thoughts about not seeing my son again.”

— Eli’s father

His mother felt the same initial resentment but warmed up to the marriage.

“Eli told me about the marriage before the news broke out. I couldn’t eat for a week because of that. I was against it because of their 11 year age difference, I couldn’t accept it back then. But I gradually learned to accept their feelings for each other and both my daughter-in-law and the son are pretty. She’s also very nice.”

— Eli’s mother

Source: Chosun