UHSN’s Maria Faces Criticism Online For Her “Rude” Treatment Of Ha Sungwoon

Fans were not happy with her apparent attitude.

In episode 3 of UHSN, ex Wanna One member Ha Sungwoon goes undercover with the girls of UHSN and Maria immediately catches on that he’s not just an average person. She says in the clip below that his blond hair, the cameras pointing at him and his face mask make him “suspicious”.

When he offers her a drink of water she tells the other girls “I told you he was suspicious” before seemingly begrudgingly saying “thank you” and “I’ll drink this well” in Korean. Fans online didn’t take too kindly to this interaction on her part.

Other fans who have been following Maria since her earlier days on variety shows have defended her, saying that this is just how she talks.

Later in the same episode, Maria addresses Sungwoon with highest Korean honorifics before finding out who he really is, and then apologizes to him for her probing questions once he reveals his identity. Regardless of her intent in the first clips, most fans are still very unhappy with the way she handled herself in this situation.