“The Ultimate Red Flag” – A Dating Show Contestant Is Getting Roasted For His Feelings On K-Pop Fans

“They saved her from a trash *ss man.”

Recently, the YouTube channel PIXED, known for its imposter series that several K-Pop idols have appeared on, introduced a new series called “Slide To Unlock Dating Mode.” In these episodes, a contestant will go through the phone of potential dates to find their “ideal” choice.

The first episode introduces a man named Park Junsung, a worker at Samsung Electronics who is trying to find someone to go out with.

The first round is a home screen and screen time test, where he can look at those two features before deciding who he will pick. He quickly eliminates one contestant based on her phone case featuring a Sanrio character and the amount of time she spends playing phone games.

The next eliminated contestant is a BTS fan with a simple lock screen but notifications from Weverse.  When asked about his thoughts on dating a “stan,” he shared that he did previously, and “it wasn’t easy.”

He claims though “it wasn’t enough to be jealous” the person only talked about their bias.


Another contestant is eliminated for how much time they spend playing “Superstar SM,” a rhythm tap game featuring SM Entertainment artists.

In the second round, he eliminates multiple contestants after discovering hobbies like reading webtoons before getting to a contestant who is a fan of Stray Kids. She admits to getting into them recently and has photos of Han and Lee Know in her phone case.

When he goes through her YouTube app, he sees that she has videos of the group in her recently watched. She says she does not fangirl “severely,” only watching their videos and listening to their music.

Though he liked that she worked out a lot, ultimately, after seeing her playlists, he decided to eliminate her.

Fans shared the clip online, discussing what a “red flag” his thoughts were and that it seemed like he was judging the K-Pop fans’ (and other women’s) hobbies.

You can check out the full video below.

Stray Kids

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