TWICE caught playing games with the cameraman in unaired footage from ISAC [video]

Everyone knows TWICE has a good sense of humor, on camera and off, and these candid clips of TWICE at ISAC are great examples of their adorable antics.

TWICE participated in the annual Lunar New Year Special for the Idol Star Athletics Championships, in which they competed in Track & Field, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Archery, and Relay Race. In between each competition, the members of TWICE had quite a bit of free time during which they mingled with idols from other groups, ate together, and even played around with some of the cameras that were filming them. The girls were caught candidly playing around and pulling silly stunts.

Check out these cute shots of TWICE that didn’t make it to the broadcast version of the program:

Jihyo and Dahyun clapping dance caught the eye of the cameraman.

Sana got caught munching on her Kit-Kat bar.

Nayeon gracefully stretches before her competition to reduce the risk of injury.

Safety first!

Mina expressionlessly does a cute hand dance.

Mina gave the camera a priceless reaction.

The girls adorably play around with the camera man.

Tzuyu attempts to balance pieces of paper on Sana’s head.


Check out the full video of Dahyun playing games with the camera.