Uncle Roger’s Shout-Out To Stray Kids Felix’s Michelin Skills Has Everyone Laughing

It had fans cracking up and Uncle Roger hinting at something new.

YouTuber Nigel Ng became a viral sensation with his humorous reactions to professional and non-professional chefs’ Asian cooking as his Uncle Roger persona. He’s now making fans laugh with his unexpected shout-out to Stray KidsFelix.


In his latest video reacting to a cowboy’s version of fried rice, the cowboy was so thrilled from adding mushrooms to his dish that he likened it to “five-star Michelin dining.” Uncle Roger didn’t quite think so.

Uncle Roger stopped the cowboy in his tracks by saying, “No, no, no.” Instead, there was only one five-star Michelin chef approved in his book.

Playing on the lyrics to “God’s Menu”, Uncle Roger said, “Only five-star Michelin chef Uncle Roger know is Felix from Stray Kid.

As soon as STAYs saw the reference, they expressed amusement at seeing the K-Pop and cooking world collide. It’s not the only time Uncle Roger will be talking about the group, either.

In response to a fan’s tweet, he revealed that he’ll be checking out the group’s cooking next.

Between Stray Kids’ chaos in the kitchen and Uncle Roger’s humor, it’s sure to be a fun time for all.

Check out the funny moment that had many proud to be fans of Stray Kids and Uncle Roger here.

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