Unedited Photos Show How Tall GFRIEND Actually Is In Real Life

Female K-Pop idols are usually thought of as cute and petite, but GFRIEND stands out by standing taller than most other girl groups.

SinB, Umji, and Yuju all clearly have legs for days, which would help explain their height.

Next to cute little Red Velvet on stage, you can see just how tall GFRIEND actually is, even without heels!

GFRIEND apparently also towers over MAMAMOO—just look at the height difference between Hwasa and Sowon!

There is even practically no difference in height between Block B’s ZICO and Park Kyung and GFRIEND’s Sowon and Yuju.

In order shown below, their real heights are 173cm (Sowon), 163cm (Eunha), 168cm (Yerin), 166cm (SinB), 164cm (Umji), and 170cm (Yuju).

Source: idol-best