Here’s The Unexpected Way BLACKPINK’s Jennie Got A Bruise

And the way she got her bruise is very familiar to her fans.

In a recent “LA vlog” that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie shared to her personal YouTube channel, the idol gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her daily life in LA.

Jennie starts the vlog off by preparing breakfast to eat with a friend.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

The idol admits that she’d been meaning to start vlogging her time in LA a few days ago, but that vlogging is actually a lot harder than it seems.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

But Jennie is a natural vlogger, continually talking to the camera and saying whatever pops into her head.

Like explaining that this is what her hair always looks like when she gets up in the morning.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

Or joking about her morning routine, saying they usually “clean the house, wink wink.”

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

But as she’s looking at the camera while eating her cereal, Jennie notices a visible bruise on her arm and says that she needs to tell fans what happened so they won’t worry.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

Jennie explains that she came to LA during Halloween, so she went to some haunted houses with some friends.

“And then [they] realized it was a nightmare.”

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube  

The idol continues to explain that she got the bruise while being terrified inside the haunted houses and running through them to get out faster.

Jennie adds that while she was “running for [her] life,” she got pushed into the wall, which is when she got the bruise.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

She tells her fans not to worry since the bruise is two weeks old, and while it looks painful, it actually doesn’t hurt.

| Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube 

And fans, of course, sympathized with the idol even as they found her cute.

Pointing out that it’s ironic Jennie would go into a haunted house given that the idol is easily frightened.

And while Jennie didn’t vlog herself going into the haunted houses, fans can easily picture the scene thanks to an old Running Man episode BLACKPINK were guests on.

In the episode, teams of two had to go into different haunted houses and carry a glass of water, trying to save as much of the water as possible while racing a competing team of staff members.

Jennie was paired up with Lee Kwang Soo, who is also well known for being easily frightened.

And although Jennie acted very confident in choosing the “horror room…”

… as soon as they entered the haunted house, both Jennie and Kwang Soo were panicked. But Kwang Soo took on a more protective role since Jennie started crying.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lee Kwang Soo on Running Man | KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

Jennie was so frightened by the experience that she was still crying even after leaving the haunted house.

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

So although fans were surprised that Jennie would have the courage to brave a haunted house again, the reason behind her bruise makes perfect sense since they can picture exactly how she would have reacted inside the haunted houses.