The Unexpected Cosmetic Product SHINee’s Minho Refused To Leave The House Without

Key “exposed” Minho’s “beauty secret.” 😂

SHINee‘s Minho, Key, and Taemin recently gathered together at the SM Entertainment building to film the most recent episode of

The group celebrated their 15th anniversary earlier this year and recently announced that their film, My SHINee World, celebrating the achievement, will be released in Megabox theaters on November 6.

(From left:) SHINee’s Taemin, Minho, Onew, and Key | @SHINee/Twitter

While fans eagerly await the new documentary, the 2nd gen group continues to update Shawols (SHINee’s fans) through new content, including their ongoing series.

In the latest episode, Key, Taemin, and Minho reminisce about the early days of their career and hilariously expose “secrets” about each other, showing off their close family-like friendships.

(From left:) SHINee’s Minho, Taemin, and Key filming “” | SHINee/YouTube

During the episode, the three members were handed small gift bags and took turns guessing what was inside.

Minho guessed it was an air freshener, while Taemin and Key agreed it was likely a cosmetic product, guessing it was hand cream or a lip balm.

The content of the bag ended up being a lip balm, and Minho revealed he had been gifted a palette or blush from that brand before but wasn’t sure why.

Key was curious why he received it, too, but noted that Minho used to be “really into” using products like that in the past, much to Minho’s joking dismay.

Minho said he was going to let Key “off the hook,” but his fellow member had to add one more comment.

Key hilariously added that Minho used to refuse to leave the house without wearing mascara, resulting in Minho cracking up at the unexpected “secret” being revealed.

Check out the full hilarious moment below!