Here Is The Unexpected Genre NCT’s Haechan Wants To Try One Day As The Ultimate Challenge

Haechan is always challenging himself to reach further!

NCT‘s Haechan, Doyoung, and Taeil went on THE NCT SHOW‘s music segment, MUSIC SPACE to discuss their recent solo projects, as well as their musical ambitions for the future. All three members are known as some of the most prolific vocalists of their generation, and their talk on MUSIC SPACE showed not only how incredible their range is, but also how dedicated they are to continue learning, evolving their skills, and broadening their horizons as artists—especially Haechan.

Seeing as they were already very familiar with genres such as ballad music and R&B, Haechan asked his members what other genre they’d be interested in trying next. Taeil replied that he would like to try singing rock songs, seeing as he finds rock very impactful.

| NCT/YouTube

Meanwhile, Doyoung claimed he wanted to try singing with a band because he had good memories from that experience. He said, “At that time I didn’t care about anything and just loved music.”

When Doyoung asked Haechan what genre he was interested in trying, Haechan laid on the mystery, saying, “I have an ultimate goal. Something like, “I really gotta try this.”” And the answer he finally revealed? Gospel music.

He explained, “I have this— I think of the gospel as the “final mission.”” Seeing it as the ultimate level, for Haechan being able to sing Gospel music means having reached the goals he set for himself as a singer.

And it seems like those goals are not far from being achieved! Doyoung brought up that Haechan had already been looking for people to work with, which Haechan confirmed by saying “Yeah, I have it all planned out.” Doyoung teased him a little about aiming to keep the proceeds from his project for himself…

…which Haechan had to hilariously deny, saying, “No, no. I said I’m going to donate all of it.” Haechan’s choice of genre shows how passionate he is about his art and about challenging himself. His dedication to his art is something NCTzens have always admired in him, so it will be exciting to watch him continue to grow as an artist!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.