The Most Unexpected Place BTS’s Jungkook Made A Cameo In

It was a happy little accident.

Fans of BTS were enjoying a documentary on Netflix when they suddenly came across something strangely familiar!

American painter Bob Ross. | Bob Ross/YouTube

The documentary Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed details the life of beloved painter Bob Ross. A large portion of the film is about the later years of his life and how his loved ones decided to maintain his legacy. Towards the end of the documentary, Ross’s son, Steve Ross, spoke about an attempt by his father’s close friends and business partners to get Ross to sign away his name.

| Netflix  

The film included illustrations of that night as well as images of the contract. Fans watching noticed that the signature at the bottom of the contract looked strangely familiar…

| Netflix 

It appears to be Jungkook‘s autograph!

Jungkook’s autograph in 2019. | @JungkookTimes/Twitter

Some fans speculate that the artist may have just searched up signatures to edit into the illustration, and found Jungkook’s sign there.

| Netflix via @Jungkook_SNS/Twitter

But some wonder if it was an intentional easter egg or maybe the artist themselves is a fan of Jungkook!

Fans found this detail to be very amusing and also very fitting for Jungkook who loves watching videos of Bob Ross and is a talented painter himself!

Here’s that clip of Bob Ross cleaning his brush that Jungkook referenced while painting on In The Soop!

Whether the signature was an intentional easter egg or, as Bob Ross would say, a “Happy accident,” it definitely brought a smile to ARMYs’ faces!