The Unexpected Way MAX’s Collaboration With LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Came About

He shares how he was connected to LE SSERAFIM.

American singer-songwriter and actor MAX is an accomplished artist who has been outspoken about his appreciation and love for K-Pop, revealing in an interview just four years ago that he had hopes of working with K-Pop artists in the future, and he’s done just that.

MAX | @maxmusic/Instagram

Since then, MAX has worked with and co-written for K-Pop groups such as BTS, including member Suga, TXT, and most recently, LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin.

In celebration of his collaboration track with Yunjin, “Stupid In Love,” he sat down with popular radio show host Zach Sang to reveal how the project came about.

MAX shared that he had been working with BTS’s longtime producer, Pdogg, in May 2023. While working with him, he was unexpectedly approached by BTS’s A&R representative (artists and repertoire), who asked if he would be interested in writing with a group his best friend, a fellow A&R representative, worked with.

The group ended up being LE SSERAFIM, a group MAX was already a fan of, so he agreed.

While working with producers on LE SSERAFIM’s music, he was gifted a physical album from the group with a heartfelt message written on it from Yunjin.

He was so touched by the gesture that he also wrote about it on Instagram.

When I visited the LESSERAFIM producers’ studio, I was greeted with a heartwarming gift—a copy of their album along with a heartfelt handwritten note from Huh Yunjin. This genuine and sweet gesture made me even more excited to collaborate with the group.


He extended his stay in Seoul to see her perform live at the 2023 Weverse Con Festival and was able to meet her along with her fellow group members for the first time.

MAX shared that a few weeks later, it all came together, and he sent LE SSERAFIM’s team “Stupid In Love,” and Yunjin was “thrilled” to be a part of the collaboration.

Check out MAX’s full story about his collaboration with Yunjin in the video below!

Source: Instagram


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