This “The Unit” Contestant Transformed Into “Lee Min Ho” After Changing One Look, Fans could not believe it

A new star is rising among KBS’s idol rebooting project The Unit, and it’s thanks to his good looks that resembles the top star, Lee Min Ho!

IM’s Taeeun is gaining fans left and right for his stunning good looks.

They say he looks very much alike to actor Lee Min Ho!

The sudden resemblance was found when he recently dyed his hair to a lighter brown.

Source: Dispatch

Despite his short camera time on the show, viewers can’t get enough of Taeeun and his visuals!

Source: Dispatch

They’re dubbing him the younger brother of Lee Min Ho!

And fans from all over the world are recognizing his similarity.

Not only is he visually gifted, Taeeun is a man of spectacular talents as an idol!

Taeeun and his team performed the audition song “My Turn” exceptionally well, which earned them a spot to perform at KBS’s Music Bank!

Also, Taeeun’s group IM had received a super-boost from the audience, earning all of the members a spot in the show immediately!

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Fans are excited to see if Taeeun will make the final cut on the show!


Source: Dispatch