University Discovers Perfect Way To Promote Financial Aid Applications

Hint: It’s perfect for K-Pop fans

Everyone knows that filling out financial aid applications isn’t really the most exciting thing to do and it seems like colleges and universities don’t exactly spice things up with fun advertisements for the programs either. But one school is aiming to change that and has discovered the ultimate way to promote the application process!

San Diego Miramar College


While at her college, a student at San Diego Miramar College happened to notice her school’s particular way to promote the government-run student aid program FAFSA.


Instead of the normal boring designs, @menajjk noticed that her school was using Red Velvet’s Seulgi to draw attention to the program!


The incredibly unique promotion has drawn the attention of netizens who are absolutely loving the whole concept.


But who wouldn’t want to fill out those applications after seeing Seulgi! That’s our financial aid queen!