University Professor Reveals Why She Thinks BTS Is So Popular Worldwide

They are breaking down boundaries!

There is no denying that BTS might be one of the biggest acts in the world. Their talent, personalities, and visuals shine and make fans fall in love with them. It seems as if it isn’t just fans who notice the group’s global power.

The members of BTS | @bts_twt/Twitter

In a new video, Professor Hong Seok Kyeong from Seoul National University looked at the influence of BTS and why she thinks they are such a force to be reckoned with globally. One of the first things she addressed was why she thought the world was crazy for BTS.

She explained that she has been studying popular culture for a long, from classic rock to The Beatles, but she added that this is unlike anything she has seen.

The BTS phenomenon is more interesting than any phenomena before. The popular culture based on the Korean language has entered into the global pop culture. From the album Most Beautiful Moment in Life, especially the album Wings in 2018, it was a global big hit.

— Professor Hong Seok Kyeong

Looking at it from a more social science-based answer, Professor Hong Seok Kyeong explained that it was the fanbase of the group and the availability of social media that has made BTS and K-Pop more accessible. For her, BTS is also a group that has spanned generations with their talent.

BTS is a hip-hop idol group. The idol system, the essence of K-Pop, is totally opposite to hip hop. However, BTS has successfully dissolved their own experiences in their songs with their own voice.

— Professor Hong Seok Kyeong

In particular, it was the messages from the songs that made them more appealing. She believes that they had lyrics that combated norms and tackled some of the tougher questions.

By doing this, she believes they overcame a barrier for foreigners to fall in love with K-Pop. Global fans responded when BTS spoke simple messages that resonated with their own experiences.

The words are very straightforward. For example, ‘I hate self-help books more than anything’ (RM’s DO YOU). Songs like ‘Dope,’ ‘Fire,’ and ‘Not Today,’ contain all such messages.

— Professor Hong Seok Kyeong

It seems as if ARMY isn’t alone in their love and admiration for BTS! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Seoul National University and FI