Unofficial videos by fans show BTS’ true personality at the 2017 MMAs

A video footage unveiling BTS members’ true personality has been revealed and it is melting everyone’s hearts.

BTS members were spotted at the Melon Music Awards, showing their truly kind personalities.

Jungkook was spotted helping a cameraman with his cords by holding and winding the cords so that the cameraman was able to move around better.

When V and Jin spotted Jungkook with the cords, they joined in to help.

Jungkook was also spotted picking up a misplaced lightbulb in the middle of the stage.

Rather than just walking away, he put the lightbulb at the edge of the stage, where it was safely away from the pathway.

In addition, when BTS members were walking down the stage, Jin spotted an ARMY Bomb laying on the stage.

He immediately picked it up and gave it back to the fan who lost it.

Netizens are amazed by how caring and considerate BTS members can be!

Check out the full video of their off-stage personality below!