The Unusual Truth Behind Why BLACKPINK’s Lisa Changed Her Legal Name

Lisa wasn’t actually born with the name “Lalisa”.

If you’re familiar with BLACKPINK, you may already know that Lisa’s real name is Lalisa Manoban. But did you know she wasn’t born with that name? Here’s the unusual truth behind why Lisa’s name was legally changed as a child.

When Lisa was born in Thailand on March 27 1997, her parents actually named her Pranpriya Manoban.

Lisa as a child.

Pranpriya is a native Thai name which comes from two Thai words—praan meaning “breath” or sometimes “soul”, and priya meaning “beloved”. Back then, Lisa’s friends often called her by the nickname “Pokpak”.

So, when did the main dancer we know today come to be called Lalisa? In an interview, one of Lisa’s relatives revealed that her name was changed when she was a child.

Lisa as a child.

And the reason her name was changed may surprise you: it was all because of a fortune teller.

While it may sound unusual to change your name because of a fortune, it’s actually not an uncommon practice in Thailand. Many people change their given names in childhood or even adulthood to rid themselves of any bad luck.

So, after consulting with a fortune teller, Lisa and her family made the decision to change her name to Lalisa Manoban. And it was a very fitting choice, given that the meaning of Lalisa is often translated as “one who is praised”. The fortune-teller definitely knew their stuff!

Since nicknames are important in Thai culture, Lisa’s nickname was then changed to “Lalice”, which is often shortened to “Lice”.

Pranpriya is a pretty name, but Lalisa is just perfect for BLACKPINK’s well-praised star dancer.